Duchess Paradox

“Well, the great wonder of our time is also a disease of our time: the desire to experience things for ourselves. It’s just the thing at the moment, what we don’t want is to be told stuff. We don’t like elites any longer because we’re all like each other. We want to know it ourselves, we want to feel it. It’s partly due to the rise of individualism. But what we get to is what I call the “duchess paradox”, where everyone is now a duchess in society. The real problem with that is that if you’re all duchesses then what’s the point of being a duchess? Everyone’s a celebrity now. Everyone wants to be a celebrity, they want to be treated like celebrities. They want to go to spas, they want to get married in big, posh houses. People will pay for VIP tickets to concerts. It’s extraordinary. Everyone is desperately searching for where it’s at. The point is there is nowhere it’s at – “it” simply just doesn’t exist. It’s the great tragedy for that generation: they just want to experience something.” A. Curtis

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A self taught photographer, interested in photography mainly in social and philosophical ways. Theory, irony, new experience, future trends are the subjects I'm trying to explore both in visual and verbal languages. Experience: 8+ years - events, weddings, photojournalism, journeys, street photography, studio, product photography. Visual language is the common language.

The change I want to make is to make people use and understand the visual language more. Nowadays to make and share a picture is as easy as to use a sentence. And as pictures can contain more information or (more important) other information than words, it is essential to understand and to be understood by others.

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